Let’s Rock 2015, Ya’ll!

Like most, I begin 2015 with an uplifted spirit and the best of intentions to stay committed and disciplined to my many interests, including this blog. It’s been good to me – I’ve met a lot of wonderful people here, and have had opportunities sent my way most people would absolutely drool over. I’m grateful for 2014 and what it has done for this blog, even without my ability to provide a regular posting schedule. Thank you, everyone for your past and continued support.

To say last fall kicked my bum would be an understatement Рfor some reason, I thought it would actually be easy to take six classes and work full time and volunteer and maintain a household and knit and blog and start my novel and go to the gym and find time to do the simple, basic human things like take a shower or properly use sleep as a method of rest and rejuvenation.

It was a difficult twelve weeks, and I struggled quite a bit to maintain everything. Unfortunately, my knitting time and this blog suffered. I’m happy to report I earned straight A’s (well, one B+ but given the course load I’m calling it straight A’s) and I’ve learned my lesson: slow and steady wins the race. There’s really no rush, and I’ve decided to remain in part-time standing for now just to give life some room to breathe.

In other news, Mr. Joseph and I also launched a business this year, and we’re very, very excited about the possibility it presents to us to combine all of our favorite skills and passions.

Fiberista Club – a yarn and fiber subscription service – officially launched at the beginning of December, just as I was placing the finishes touches on my final term paper. It’s been great fun, and we actually sold out of our first month’s boxes.

I can’t reveal any details here, but I did have the opportunity to design for the club and I’m excited to be able to release it into the world (well, the Fiberista world) within the next week or so.

I owe you some photos, and since most of my knitting time has been for the club, I can’t publish them here until they are officially released. However, we are using mood boards as our inspiration for the yarn box contents every month, and since these were officially published today, I can go ahead and post them here for you:

febneutral febwarm febcoolThe club is up to my yarn snob standards: ¬†we feature two skeins of handyed yarn or a minimum of 8 oz. of spinning fiber in our boxes, which are shipped on the very first Monday of every month. Membership is at a nominal rate, and the products included within the box are discounted – it’s an opportunity to provide fabulous knitters and spinners with premium goods for their projects at a bargain rate.

We just finished shipping our very first boxes this past week:


I’m in love! If you’d like more information regarding Fiberista Club, visit the blog or the shop. ¬†You can also check out our Ravelry group, the Fiberista Clubhouse. We’d love to have you as a Fiberista!

Well, that’s all for now everyone. I wanted to update you a bit, but we’re hitting 2015¬†with a vengeance around here. I’ll be back soon to share my latest knitting and yarn splurging updates (I haven’t shared what I purchased at Vogue Knitting LIVE! this year!).


About Hunter Liam

Hunter's grandmother had him making buttons and threading her sewing machine at the age of three. Ever since then, he's been obsessed with making things with his hands as a form of creative expression.Knitter, spinner, designer, writer, photographer, dancer . . . or just a creative soul with ADD.

Now That I’m Calm

If there was a scale of a bad day ranging from acrylic to vicuna, then Monday was a world void of the magic of fiber all together. What should have been a blessed, rare extra 24 hours in my year to sit and lose myself in the rhythm of my hands was completely hijacked by a series of bad luck.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this disastrous Monday resulting in an obnoxiously long and boring Tuesday at work; I’m pretty sure I fell asleep at my desk at least a few times, eventually having to take a walk through downtown Chicago just to snap back into consciousness.

This to me is proof-positive of one of the therapeutic properties of crafting. Someone once put it to me this way: we all have a fuel tank we depend on, much like a car, to provide the energy we need to tackle our days. Whether the stresses on the tank are work related or personal, there’s only so much we can do – the energy source is not infinite. Therefore, we have to ensure we make time to fill the tank back up, or put more commonly, “recharge”. For me, the recharge will always be knitting or spinning or dying or writing or dancing or photography. I’m lucky – I have a lot of things that can fill my tank. However, Monday, which should have been a day for stockpiling did exactly the opposite; it drained me so much I was running on fumes the next day.

As a result,¬†Tuesday and today were very much the same: a struggle to pull through. I’m pretty sure if parts of my brain weren’t automatically programmed to stop me from breathing or peeing myself, I would’ve turned into a complete vegetable by this afternoon.

Writing this blog post is the first opportunity I’ve had to recharge, and boy is it feeling good. Creative energy unfulfilled will throw your body and spirit into a complete tailspin. I’m happy to be gaining some equilibrium.

Unfortunately, this also means very little time for knitting the past few days. This, coupled with the fact that nothing about Monday’s list has changed, means I’ll have to showcase the yarn I spun up last weekend before the world turned to crap. Here is the fabulous gray merino I’m hopelessly excited to knit up as part of my wool sampler afghan:

merinogray-3 merinogray-1 merinogray-2

I love, love, love it so much, I (of all people) couldn’t wait to throw down some garter stitch into a gauge swatch in order to see how it knitted up (it’s not 100% even, but for my very second attempt at spinning¬†an entire skein of yarn, boy is it fantastic). Here’s a picture of it on the needles after it’s been bathed, shocked, and stretched into shape:


Again, love, love, love! It did bloom a little bit more than I wanted in the bath, but I’ll take it (another spinning lesson learned!). Just like knitting, eventually I’ll be able to see the final result when I first start spinning, which will guide my creative hands along the way to develop some fantastic technique and, consequently, some fabulous yarn.

Now, I’m off to prepare Mr. Joseph for a trip. He’s leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow to celebrate the bahelorette party of his BFF of the last decade. Mostly they’ll be drinking and pool-siding it through Saturday, with the cherry on the sundae being Britney Spears’ residency show (now THAT I’m jealous about).

This leaves me with nothing but two days of work and knitting time as I curl up with my cats and catch up on all television I need to before the Fall premieres (and my Fall semester – six classes – ah!) begin.

I hope you’re taking the time to fill your tank, too – remember, we’re no good to anyone running on empty, least of all ourselves (so be a little selfish about it)!


About Hunter Liam

Hunter's grandmother had him making buttons and threading her sewing machine at the age of three. Ever since then, he's been obsessed with making things with his hands as a form of creative expression.Knitter, spinner, designer, writer, photographer, dancer . . . or just a creative soul with ADD.

WTF, Monday

Today goes down as the worst day in fiber history.

  1. I had big dreams of making a wool sampler afgahn featuring handspun yarns from various breeds. I got through one pound of fabulously soft gray merino wool and was ecstatic with the end result (I even knitted up a gauge swatch when it was done drying).
  2. I promptly started spinning some¬†manx loaghtan wool that’s been puttering around the house for a year, being an absolute annoyance (dropping on my head as I would open my closet door, not fitting away in the wool cabinet I purchased, etc).
  3. I retired from spinning at about 3AM last night, happy with the direction the new yarn was headed and haphazardly put all my things away. As of the writing of this blog entry, the remainder of the wool has yet to be found (I’m pretty sure the cats stashed it away).
  4. Frustrated with not being able locate the phantom manx loaghtan, I decided to finish blocking my recently completed shawl. It’s already had a bath once (I like to cleanse projects once and then block them after a second soaking).
  5. After the shawl was soaked and wrung out, I started to gather all my blocking supplies, excepting there was one thing I couldn’t find: there’s not a single blocking pin, wire, safety pin, or sewing needle in my house to be found. For a brief second, I thought about impaling into shape using knitting needles, but decided I best not ruin a mattress for the sake of having a shawl ready four weeks before it’ll be viable to wear.
  6. Defeated twice, I thought the knitting gods were just telling me it was time to finish my Pretty Thing cowl. I picked up my needles, ready to get to work.
  7. About two hours into knitting (and about six inches away from the finish line), I ran out of yarn.¬†No biggie – I picked up another skein about a month ago knowing I’d need more than one since the cowl is three times longer and twice as wide than the pattern calls for. Well, I remember unpacking the skein and throwing it in my stash, except it must have been a dream, because it’s nowhere to be found.
  8. Not one to throw in the towel, I decided a fabulous skein of Madelinetosh would be sublime therapy for my funk. My little niece is going to need a Christmas sweater, and the “Tart” colorway is perfectly festive.
  9. The plan was to create a classic Baby Sweater On Two Needles, except I can’t find my copy of The Knitter’s Almanac ANYWHERE IN THIS HOUSE.
  10. ¬†The manx loaghtan wool, blocking pins (and sewing needles, wires, and safety pins), a skein of mink yarn, and the book are all hanging out somewhere in Chicago. I hope they’re having a fu*@!*@ good time.

I’ve been sitting on my couch creating crochet chains with my only crochet hook and some acrylic yarn in order to regain my sanity. There’s a puddle of drool accumulating in my lap as I attempt to gain some semblance of my formally fierce fiber self.

About Hunter Liam

Hunter's grandmother had him making buttons and threading her sewing machine at the age of three. Ever since then, he's been obsessed with making things with his hands as a form of creative expression.Knitter, spinner, designer, writer, photographer, dancer . . . or just a creative soul with ADD.