One Pattern, Three Options, Dozens of Boxes

Well, we’re rounding the corner on Fiberista Club’s first shipment, and so far, things could have been a lot worse! We didn’t make it to the level of a Fiber Armageddon, and it looks like the last of the boxes will trickle in to members over the next few days.

I had the opportunity to design the first pattern for the club, mostly because I’m too much of a micro-manager to have trusted it to anyone else. I’d like to present my first legitimate pattern, Winter Woods, available in both a cowl and two infinity cowl formats:

IMG_0302 IMG_0304 IMG_0313 IMG_0322

What do you guys think?!

The pattern is only available to Fiberistas for the first three months of its publication, and so far has received some really great feedback!

I’m currently knitting the infinity scarf version for the knit-a-long we’re hosting on Ravelry, and I think I’ll spend some much needed time on my spinning wheel over the weekend since there’s about a week of down time before we gear up for February’s shipment.

Ah, knitting and spinning – my zen needs a reboot, and I’m beyond excited to be able to devout some “me” time within my two favorite hobbies.

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Hunter's grandmother had him making buttons and threading her sewing machine at the age of three. Ever since then, he's been obsessed with making things with his hands as a form of creative expression.Knitter, spinner, designer, writer, photographer, dancer . . . or just a creative soul with ADD.

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