Chunky. Baby. Knits.

October is all about quick-to-complete projects for me. This could be for a lot of reasons, ranging from my ADHD to a general lack of knitting time in my schedule between work, school, and volunteering. Whatever the reason, I only tend to be knitting two different types of projects lately: baby knits and chunky knits (and I just now only realized the untapped potential of chunky baby knits *drool*).

About a year ago, Mr. Joseph happened to tag me in an Instagram post from Wool And The Gang. My immediate thought was something along these lines:


The good news? Rather than being a really cool cover band featured at fiber and knitting events throughout the country, Wool And The Gang is a London firm specializing in chunky knits with a twist: you can either buy their goods in a “Made By The Gang” version or – if you’re feeling adventurous or have the appropriate skill set – you can order a kit and “Knit Your Own”.


I decided I wanted to “Knit My Own” cowl and settled on a pattern called Snood Dogg. It was sent to me and arrived within a few days. When I opened the box (which was personalized with my name on it!), I was ecstatic with what I found inside:


Two balls of wool come in a bag, complete with knitting instructions and finishing needles for sewing/weaving in ends. There’s also a fantastic set of wooden size US 19 knitting needles. I couldn’t stop taking photos:

woolandthegang-2 woolandthegang-3 woolandthegang-4 woolandthegang-5

Crazy. Sexy. Wool.

Now, the needles are fantastic, the pattern is fun, and this yarn is pretty much like knitting away on some pencil roving (it’s going to finish up very quickly which is, of course, the point). The best part? Wool And The Gang is a little cheeky – it doesn’t take things too seriously, so there’s a whimsical air about the brand that really gets my knitting juices flowing. Plus, they dared me:


I can. And I will.

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One thought on “Chunky. Baby. Knits.”

  1. hi! i just stumbled across your blog, and i wanted to let you know how charmed i am! keep writing and posting such gorgeous pics. midwest love <3

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