Top Knitting Blogs Of 2013- So Far

knitting blogs, knitting blog, knittingblogsWonderful knitting blogs are a dime a dozen, right? Not even close!

As someone who has recently entered the sphere of authoring a knitting blog, I decided was forced against my will to do some research this morning before in place of my normal gym visit living room workout (I know, you’re feeling bad for me already).

Just as knitters will fiendishly scour the web looking for inspirational patterns, yarn information, or book reviews, I wanted to investigate what my fellow bloggers were up to, how they started their blogs, and look into how they all evolved over the years.

I fired up my laptop, visited Google, and typed the term “knitting blogs” into the search box. In the .2 seconds the search took to load, I reflected back on some of my favorite blogs from when I first started knitting – I was intrigued to find many very active bloggers who are still present five years later. I was also surprised as I clicked through some of the links and realized a handful of knitting blogs from the first few pages haven’t seen any action in quite some time.

In an effort to support the blogs I admire and hope to one day share an internet presence with, here are the top 10 knitting blogs according to Google this morning (all have been updated within the last two weeks):

Top 10 Knitting Blogs 2013*

  1. Yarn Harlot
  2. ChicKnits
  3. Mason-Dixon Knitting
  4. Wendy Knits
  5. My Sister’s Knitter
  6. Knitted Bliss
  7. Knit and Tonic
  8. QueerJoe’s Knitting Blog
  9. Never Not Knitting
  10. Rose-Kim Knits
* Search term “knitting blogs” was utilized. 


Top 10 Knitting Blogs 2013 – 2.0**

  1. QueerJoe’s Knitting Blog
  2. My Sister’s Knitter
  3. Tin Can Knits
  4. Knit and Tonic
  5. Oh My Good Knits
  6. Mostly Knitting
  7. This Is Knit
  8. The Knitting Needle & The Damage Done
  9. Vickilicious Knits
  10. Knitting Konrad
* Search term “top knitting blogs” was utilized.

Aren’t the differences between the searches interesting? There are only 3 out of 10 knitting blogs that appear on both lists. For the life of me, I’ll never fully understand SEO and search engines – but on some level these wonderful bloggers do and are doing a wonderful job entertaining the internet audience with knitting as their platform.

For me, the knitting blogs listed in the first query are the ones I have been reading and enjoying for years. I think I found some new favorites in the second list though – please look through them; there are defiantly some hidden gems in there.

In other news, baby Artson’s blanket was sketched yesterday and I’m super happy with it! I will be posting an update tomorrow (including my caveman sketches and swatch methods).

Happy knitting, blogging, and reading everyone!

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